Larger Facility

Press Release

Trans-Exec’s Growth Prompts Move to Larger Facility

(Santa Monica, CA)

Trans-Exec Air Service, the nation’s leading all-Gulfstream charter service, announced today that they are moving to a larger and more luxurious facility at the Van Nuys Airport.

Trans-Exec will move their operations to Raytheon Aircraft Services, just a short distance from their previous space. The move will provide Trans-Exec with almost triple the office space, a larger hanger, and additional ground support personnel.

“We have seen our business grow steadily for 24 years,” stated David Bilson, President of Trans-Exec Air Service. “We simply outgrew our present facility.”

In spite of the recent setbacks in the nation’s economy Trans-Exec has flourished, and is one of the nation’s largest and most successful charter companies. “We are up over 19% from the same quarter last year,” according to Robert Frost, Director of Operations for Trans-Exec. “And with our continued growth, we are projecting that we will be purchasing over 2.5 million gallons of aviation fuel next year.”

Trans-Exec has become well-known in the inner circles of Hollywood for their exclusive Priority Program — an innovative way to enjoy the benefits of airplane ownership, without the financial risk or large capital investment.

The company’s aircraft are also noted for having some of the lowest flight hours of any fleet. Because only four clients are allowed per aircraft, an extraordinary amount of time is devoted to maintaining and detailing every aspect of each jet.

“People come to us because they want the best of the best,” Bilson stated. “With our move to this new facility, we will be able to provide an even higher level of service than before.”

Trans-Exec will move their fleet of seven Gulfstreams, including three GV’s, to their new location in mid-September.

For more information on Trans-Exec Private Jets, or for details on their exclusive Priority Program, contact the company at (310) 399-9435 or visit the website at: