Press Release

Trans-Exec Private Jets Provide Unprecedented Level of Security

(Santa Monica, CA)

Can you imagine flying on an airplane where the pilot actually knows every person onboard? Or where the cabin attendants recognize each passenger and greet him or her — by name? That’s exactly what happens daily at Trans-Exec Private Jets. And this is no small feat… Trans-Exec is one of the world’s largest all-Gulfstream charter carriers, but limits their number of clients so they can provide this highly personalized service.

Trans-Exec is headquartered in Southern California and handles the air travel needs of Hollywood celebrities and corporate power-brokers. With one of the newest fleets in the industry and an uncompromising commitment to providing the ultimate in security, safety and service, Trans-Exec has been quietly providing private air transportation to those who can afford the best of the best.

Now with today’s growing concerns about safety, Trans-Exec has adopted a new security procedure: If you are not personally known to the management of the company, you simply can’t get aboard one of their aircraft.

Those who do not have a relationship with Trans-Exec must “apply” for membership. After a thorough background check, those who qualify are invited to join the Priority Program — an exclusive club of sorts, which allows members to utilize the aircraft and other privileges of Trans-Exec.

The Gulfstream V’s in Trans-Exec’s fleet are generally considered to be the finest in the world — with unparalleled interiors, hand-stitched leather seating, custom-crafted woodwork, and a chef-designed galley. The Cabin Attendants are all trained in culinary skills, and they are well known for creating enticing gourmet meals, one-of-a-kind desserts, and fabulous midnight snacks. Other accoutrements on these top-of-the-line Gulfstreams include in-flight entertainment systems, live DirecTV, large bathrooms with refreshing showers, and full-size sleeping quarters.

For more information Trans-Exec Private Jets or the Priority Program, call (310) 399-9435 or visit the website at:

Media only: For interview requests or more information, please contact Randall Huft at (949) 632-5973