Trans-Exec Air Service Takes Delivery of New Gulfstream G550

Press Release

Trans-Exec Air Service Takes Delivery  of New Gulfstream G550

(Van Nuys, CA)

Trans-Exec Air Service, the nation’s largest all-Gulfstream private jet carrier, recently took delivery of a brand new G550, the largest, most advanced Gulfstream ever produced.

The G550 incorporates technological enhancements and fuel economy that set the new benchmark for luxury private jet travel. The aircraft is capable of flying non-stop for over 6,700 nautical miles, which allows Trans-Exec passengers to fly from Los Angeles all the way to China, Australia, Russia or almost anywhere in Europe. Additionally, the G550 cruises at an altitude of 51,000 feet – well above the airstreams, to provide a comfort that is unmatched in other aircraft.

Cruising just below the speed of sound at Mach .885, Trans-Exec’s new G550 will  deliver their passengers to their destination quicker than before. And with the aircraft’s enhanced soundproofing and engine tuning, the ride will be near whisper quiet.

Trans-Exec’s new G550 also has numerous safety advances, including the Enhanced Vision System (EVS), which when coupled with the Honeywell Heads Up Display (HUD), provides pilots with better situational awareness than on any other aircraft. Other enhancements include electronic charts and advanced terrain mapping, DirecTV, and full-featured entertainment systems.

Trans-Exec Air Service is the only private jet carrier in the world to offer the Priority Program – a unique, customized plan that specially tailors aircraft, crew, and amenities to each client. The Priority Program also is hailed as the first and only program that offers one, simple monthly fee, without any of the add-on charges that are typical in the charter and fractional industry.

The new G550 is the latest addition to Trans-Exec’s fleet, which includes 4 GV’s and numerous other Gulfstream jets.

For more information about Trans-Exec Air Service, the new G550, or the Priority Program, please contact the company at (818) 904-6900, or visit the website at: