Trans-Exec Air Service Announces Flight Spa.. The World’s First Health Resort In The Sky

Press Release

Trans-Exec Air Service Announces Flight Spa-
The World’s First Health Resort In The Sky

(Van Nuys, CA)

Trans-Exec Air Service, the nation’s most exclusive private jet charter company, has sent a shockwave throughout the industry by being the first to offer luxury spa treatments on-board their private jets.

Trans-Exec is well-known in the inner circles of Hollywood and among high-net worth individuals who gladly pay up to a million dollars per year (or more) to gain access to their fleet of ultra lavish and safe jets. “People come to us because they want the best of the best,” according to David Bilson, president of Trans-Exec. “Now with our Flight Spa™ program, we have once again raised the bar, and are able to provide an unsurpassed level of luxury, comfort and healthy lifestyle services.”

Flight Spa™ is available on the company’s Gulfstream IV’s and V’s. The fortunate guests are pampered with services designed by Tran-Exec’s on-staff estheticians, such as hydrating facials, regenerating eye treatments and lifts, oxygenating skin softeners, and even comforting neck and shoulder massages. Upon departure, the passengers also receive a customized package containing the same ultra-pure signature Flight Spa products that were used during their in-flight treatments, extending their experience beyond the flight.

“The response from our members has been overwhelmingly positive,” Bilson commented. “It used to be that air-travel, even on a private jet, could dehydrate your skin and tax your body,” he added. “But now with our Flight Spa services, our passengers arrive at their destination, refreshed, recharged and rejuvenated.”

And to make certain that guests are well-nourished, Trans-Exec’s executive chefs prepare custom gourmet meals that can accommodate any lifestyle, including delicious and nutritious low-calorie, low-carbohydrate or vegetarian meals, as well as the signature entrées. All meals are prepared fresh onboard the jet… never simply catered or reheated as is common in the industry.

Similar to a private club, Trans-Exec only accepts new clients with the recommendation of a current member. “By limiting the number of new clients we accept, we are able to devote an extraordinary amount of time to maintaining and detailing every aspect of each jet,” Bilson stated. “Not only has this policy enabled us to have the most beautiful aircraft in the industry, but it also ensures that our clients have access to their jet, even during peak holiday periods.”

Now celebrating their 25th year, Trans-Exec Air Service is one of only a few charter operators that is certified by Wyvern Wingman independent safety consultants, and has been the choice of corporate executives, celebrities and five former United States Presidents.

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