The New Alternative to Private Jet Ownership

Press Release

The New Alternative to Private Jet Ownership

(Santa Monica, CA)

Owning an airplane is a wonderful experience. Imagine having an aircraft, captain and crew available at your beckon call. Take in a Broadway play on a moment’s notice. Jet off to Paris for an anniversary dinner. Travel to business meetings at the most convenient times and to the closest airports.

The fact is, people travel on private jets for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which is heightened fear about security on commercial aircraft, post 9/11. However, the $45 million price tag of a new Gulfstream V can cause even Bill Gates or Warren Buffet to take pause. Add to this the constant maintenance, crew salaries, fuel and repair costs, and flying in a private jet truly becomes a stratospheric expense.

One recent option to this dilemma is the advent of the fractional programs. Much like a time-share condominium, a fraction of a private jet allows the shareholder to have use of an aircraft for a predetermined amount of hours per year. However, the “owner” is still required to make a substantial capital outlay – usually around $4.9 million for a 1/8 share on a Gulfstream V. And while this is considerably less than the cost of purchasing an aircraft outright, it is fraught with procedural idiosyncrasies that create a less than satisfactory experience for many travelers. Since a fractional program may employ thousands of pilots scattered across the globe, the chances of having the same crew on each flight (as you would if you owned the aircraft) are slim. In fact, the probability that you’ll even travel on the same airplane is low, as the fractional programs move planes around the country like a checkerboard – always straining to meet challenges of having multiple “owners” in various locales.

The large financial risk, possible personal liability for the aircraft itself, and inconvenience of the fractional plans caused some people to think that there still must be a better way to enjoy the experience of private jet ownership, without the burdens.

David Bilson, President of Trans-Exec Air Service, developed such a method. The Priority Program allows people to experience the advantages of private jet ownership, with a single, affordable monthly payment. Unlike the fractional programs, which require millions in cash upfront to get started, The Priority Program requires no down payment. Instead, members of the program have the convenience of a lease-like arrangement, which they may simply walk away from at the conclusion of the term. The Priority Program also has no costly remarketing fees or termination costs that are often associated with the conclusion of a fractional timeshare contract.

Equally important, members of The Priority Program enjoy the stability and comfort of personally knowing the pilots on their flight. A small cadre of captains, co-captains and cabin attendants are assigned to each member, and provide an unmatched flight experience. The Priority Member’s crew learns in short order just how to make every flight perfect … whether that means placing a blanket on the floor and decorating cookies with the children onboard, or having a rare vintage wine on hand to serve with the gourmet meal, prepared fresh in-flight. Plus, knowing a pilot’s background, service record and safety history provides great reassurance to travelers in these trying times.

Because The Priority Program limits membership to just four clients per airplane, the Trans-Exec fleet of Gulfstreams — the largest all-Gulfstream charter fleet in the world — is able to keep flight times very low, which provides increased opportunities for maintenance, updating and detailing. The fact is, Trans-Exec has the most beautiful aircraft in the world. And this pursuit of perfection is reflected not only in the plane’s interior — where hand-stitched leather meets rare, exotic woods — but also in the aircraft’s systems, which are checked and calibrated at well above the FAA standards.

For people who want the experience of private jet ownership — without the hassles, expense and liabilities — check into the Trans-Exec Priority Program, a novel idea that has truly taken flight.

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