Trans-Exec Private Jets featured on E! Entertainment

Press Release

E! Entertainment Television Features Trans-Exec Private Jets as One of the Top Celebrity Perks

(Van Nuys, CA)

Trans-Exec Air Service, the nation’s most exclusive all-Gulfstream charter service, has been featured on E! Entertainment Television’s Celebrity Perks Special.

Trans-Exec has become well-known in the inner circles of Hollywood for their elite and uncompromising service. However, since the company does not advertise, few people outside the affluent Hollywood community knew about Trans-Exec’s exclusive, ultra-luxury private jets.

“People come to us because they want the best of the best,” according to David Bilson, president of Trans-Exec. Similar to a private club, Trans-Exec only accepts new clients with the recommendation of a current member. “By limiting the number of new members we accept, we are able to devote an extraordinary amount of time to maintaining and detailing every aspect of each jet,” Bilson added.

All that attention to detail was recognized when E! Entertainment Television recently showcased Trans-Exec on a special program titled Celebrity Perks. The segment gave viewers a sneak-peak look into the world’s most exclusive private jet service.

However, there were several ground rules established before the production took place. “We run a very private company,” Bilson stated. “So when Entertainment Television asked us to be on their program, we insisted that there would be no questions about any of our clients, nor any attempt to identify any of our members.”

Now celebrating their 25th year, Trans-Exec Air Service has been the choice of high net-worth individuals, celebrities and five former United States Presidents.

For more information on Trans-Exec Private Jets, contact the company at (310) 399-9435 or visit the website at: